Posted by: Admin | October 1, 2009

Reflections on Moving Forward

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” – Maya Angelou

It has been a while since we participated in the Building Blocks Symposium. The feedback I received in emails, phone calls, and personal communication is overwhelmingly positive. I also received advice about extending life course to the age of seniors.

I understand and appreciate that work that public health staff and our partners do has been the best to service residents. As we learn more and are challenged by the experts like Dr. Iton, Dr. Lu, and Mr. Drummonds, we will do better. This is an exciting time. I am excited about the prospect of creating a community where everyone can enjoy good health. I am excited about our staff stretching themselves to be part of this evolution, and finally I am excited about our partners enthusiasm and commitment to working with us.

Over the next few weeks we will have a follow up meeting. On this website we will post items related to this work and encourage our partners to contribute and stay in touch as we move forward planning for an Alameda County that supports the success and well-being of all children.

Anita Siegel

Anita Siegel
Acting Director
Alameda County Public Health Department


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