Posted by: Admin | October 1, 2009

Tony Iton: “We Each Have a Role: Health & Social Equity in Alameda County”

Over the last fifty years, health in Alameda County has improved for everyone, but the gap between those who enjoy the best health and those who do not is widening. We see differences in health status by place (where people live), race, and income. Dr. Tony Iton’s main points are:

1. What lies behind health inequities are social inequities.

2. Our current operating logic of providing individual services is simplistic and not enough to address the inequities.

3. Intervention during early childhood is critical to achieving health equity

4. We have to approach this problem from many perspectives

Dr. Iton’s eye-opening presentation challenges us to think about how why inequities exist and how we could structure our system differently.

Click here for the full presentation: Tony Iton Full Presentation

Bina Patel Shrimali
Perinatal System Design Coordinator
Alameda County Public Health Department


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