Posted by: diannakane | July 22, 2010

Can Health Care Treat Crime?

In an article published in East Bay Express on June 23, 2010, journalist Bernice Yeung explores a new approach to fighting crime: offer people healthcare.  “Healthy Oakland” is working to connect people recently released from prison with health services as soon as possible in an effort to reduce local crime.

Anita Siegel, acting director of Alameda County Public Health Department, is quoted in the article: “If our charge is to make communities healthier, then we have to look at all of the indicators that are causing a community to be unhealthy… we know that violence is one of them. And we also know that the reentry population is coming to Oakland. And if there are no jobs or resources available, then they could end up committing crimes – which will continue the cycle of producing communities that aren’t healthy.”

“Can Health Care Treat Crime?” A growing national movement seeks to connect ex-offenders with health care services. Many people say it makes financial sense. Some say it can possibly reduce crime.
By Bernice Yeung
Read full story here.


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