Posted by: latoyacarroll | August 26, 2010

What happened to healthy food in West Oakland?

I live in West Oakland and we have a corner store on almost every corner. The first things you see when you walk in the corner store are candy, cigarettes, and alcohol. The fruits and vegetables are way in the back of the store in the corner collecting dust and getting old. How are we supposed to eat that and be healthy? When I lived in Berkeley, everyday after school I saw youth selling fresh produce. If you go to West Oakland you’re not going to see that. How am I supposed to raise a healthy child if I can’t find fresh fruits and vegetables in my community? In West Oakland, Mandela Marketplace sells fresh fruits and vegetables, but I still have to travel far to get there.

LaToya Carroll is the West Oakland Resident Advisor for the Building Blocks Collaborative.  To read more about LaToya, click here.


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