Posted by: acbuildingblocks | January 9, 2012


As part of a Maternal and Child Health leadership program I’m in, we were asked to send a photograph that represents why you do what you do – WYDWYD. After writing this short reflection, I thought I would share with the BBC! Thanks also to all of you for doing what you do! If you want to share a photo and short reflection, please send it along; we’d love to post on this blog. ~Bina

This photograph represents for me why I do what I do. This is a picture of my newborn baby boy (born 15 months ago), in the arms of my mother – with her strong 67 year-old hand. This photo for me is a reminder of what an amazing mother my mom has been to me and my brother and my sister and the a reminder for me of how much love and opportunity I have been given in my life. I want EVERYONE to have the same opportunity for the best start in life. When I was 36 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, and had to immediately go on bedrest, followed by an induced delivery at 37 weeks. I was lucky that my baby boy was born healthy despite this ‘high-risk’ pregnancy, and I have to attribute at least some of it to my supportive and loving husband and parents who took care of me and little Ishy! This photo represents how love, support and opportunity are passed through generations, and is a reminder of why I do what I do!



  1. what a gorgeous picture and inspiring personal reflection. Thank you!

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