Posted by: acbuildingblocks | April 12, 2012

March BBC Monthly Summary

BBC met at Youth UpRising in East Oakland this month. ACPHD Director, Anita Siegel, kicked off the meeting with introductions. Anita introduced “dreamer, thinker, and doer,” Olis Simmons, President & CEO of Youth UpRising, who gave a passionate spotlight presentation. She noted that YU is a different kind of non-profit, having been incubated within a public system with a narrow scope of work that focuses on community economic development, system change, and personal transformation of youth in East Oakland. For more information on Youth UpRising, which will be celebrating its 7th year in May, visit  Bina Shrimali and Jessica Luginbuhl made a few announcements, including a discussion about future BBC Meeting set-up allotting more time for workgroup projects. Finally, after some time for networking, the workgroups convened to discuss their 2012 work plans. To see more detail, take a look at the minutes!

BBC minutes 3-23-12

BBC 2012 Workplan

Steering Committee minutes 4-05-12


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