Posted by: acbuildingblocks | June 3, 2012

May BBC Monthly Summary

BBC was hosted this month by the Deputy Sheriff’s Activities League (DSAL), and we met at the MLK Shoreline Center (thanks Elizabeth at East Bay Regional Park District!). We learned about the inspiring work DSAL is doing to advance healthy food and physical activity opportunities for residents in Ashland-Cherryland in order to prevent crime and ensure the health of the community.

Next we received a year two update on the Food to Families project, learned about exciting cycle one mini-grantee projects (see presentation below), and launched our second cycle of minigrants (see application below), encouraging partners to apply for seed funding to collaborate on innovative projects! The deadline for this is July 11.

Finally we talked about the limited attendance at the BBC dialogue on Race, Power, and Privilege. Those who attended attested to the benefit of the dialogue, and we discussed the challenges of limited time or last minute issues that prevent attendance as well as the need for trust and safety to discuss the topics. Members affirmed the need for each of us to understand our role in promoting or undoing the systems of oppression in place, and the need to continue this dialogue.

Food to Families Year 2 Updates

Minigrant Application


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