Posted by: acbuildingblocks | July 3, 2012

Prosperity Project is Underway!

Hello BBC Partners and friends!

We’re excited to share a few updates on the Prosperity Project progress thus far.  We have established the Prosperity in Practice (PIP) workgroup and recruited staff from the Alameda county Public Health Department’s ACPHD Maternal and Child Health Programs to engage them in a collaborative process.  Over the summer, PIP has been conducting listening sessions with many of the Maternal Child Health (MCH) staff about the financial challenges their clients from low income communities currently face.  We are learning so much about not only the struggles clients face but challenges that arise in how staff members try to support their clients’ needs.  Information gathered from these sessions will help guide us as we tailor tools that will be useful to MCH staff in their service delivery.

Some of these tools will become part of a Savvy Consumer Toolkit that is being created by the Alameda County Community Asset Network (AC CAN).  The purpose of the toolkit is to help consumers think critically about the marketing around financial services and products; understand the impact of predatory financial products in one’s community; and how to take action through low cost alternatives. So far, AC CAN has finished the first draft of the toolkit, begun piloting different modules to partners in their local network and presented the toolkit to project steering committees for initial feedback.  The final version of Savvy Consumer is expected to be ready this fall so stay tuned!

As part of the Prosperity Project’s multi-level approach to addressing economic inequities among targeted populations, we will deliberately continue to connect health services staff and impacted residents with upstream policy change.  The Place Matters economic workgroup is working to advance policies that will increase access to non-predatory, low-cost financial products in underserved neighborhoods impacted by health inequities.

There are a lot of moving pieces and we are thrilled to be working in collaboration with pertinent stakeholders, financial institutions and decision-makers in bettering the economic well being of Alameda County!

For more information about partners involved with the Prosperity Project, please visit their websites:

Place Matters

Building Blocks Collaborative

Alameda County Community Asset Network (AC-CAN)

Urban Strategies Council


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