Posted by: acbuildingblocks | September 14, 2012

Prosperity Project: Popular Education Training!

One component of the Prosperity Project is to integrate financial education tools into Alameda County Public Health Department’s maternal child health programs. In doing so, the Prosperity Project is helping to align best practices models and the public health department’s home visiting programs into an integrated, family-centered system using the Life Course Perspective and Strengthening Families Framework. The principles of popular education is what guides the tools that are being created because popular education seeks to empower the individual to make positive social change in their lives and values the experiences of an individual.  Because the populations we serve can be so resilient given their life’s challenges, we wanted to give home visiting staff the opportunity to learn more about popular education as a tool to engage their clients in addressing economic hardships.

We had a strong showing of staff, managers and community partners for the full day training, facilitated by Center for Political Education and held at First5’s conference room in San Leandro, CA.  Participants participated in various activities that ranged from one on one dialogue, role play, image theatre to group discussion all of which was a reflection into our creativity, relationship building, human connection and how we draw on the strengths of community members as experts.  It was a jam packed day and we barely tapped the surface!  A big thank you to attendees and community partners for bringing your energy!

Here is a mini collage of our day together(!) – PE collage and our PopEd Invite flyer_final



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