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March 2013 -BBC Meeting Summary

BBC Planning Update

March 29 2013 Meeting

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Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) Director & Health Officer, Dr. Muntu Davis, gave a warm welcome to all members who were present. He discussed the use of the Life Course model in public health planning efforts that are underway, including accreditation.  He also lauded BBC for being truly multi-sector and for tackling important social determinant of health issues.

Kristin Spanos, Deputy Director, and Lisa Forti, Director of Policy, from Alameda County’s Social Services Agency (SSA) were our hosts.  They explained SSA’s traditional role as a social safety net.  They are now reassessing their effectiveness as an organization by 1) ensuring that the enrolled families are being served well and 2) building the capacity to strategically develop resources.  SSA is working to make strategic decisions regarding the flow of investment in access while keeping the ability to respond to areas and conditions of high need.

The next portion of the meeting linked early childhood and economic development through a presentation from a mother involved in Prosperity Project’s Photovoice Project and a discussion led by a panel of local community economic development experts.  Bina Shrimali of ACPHD explained how early childhood success is connected to economic development, which is why it will be one focus in Best Babies Zone.  To achieve a strong workforce we must make early childhood investment a priority as it is an integral part of rebuilding our economy.  Antoinette, from the Photovoice Project, described a picture she took of a charter school that was built next to a liquor store.  She noted that through Photovoice she has “learned to go out and find the people who will tell a story that leads to the breakdowns, to show what will lead to a better situation.”

Next, the panelists discussed community economic development in Oakland.  The panel was composed of Jeff Butler of AnewAmerica, Mariela Cedeño of Mandela MarketPlace, Hannah Dithrich of Grameen America, and Naldo Peliks of Centro Community Partners.  Each speaker answered a series of questions posed by the moderator, Rebecca Flournoy, and by the BBC member audience.  Lastly, small group discussions ensued, focusing on how each BBC organization does community economic development and how this information could be used in Best Babies Zone.

BBC Minutes 3.29.2013

4.1.13_Best Babies Zone Castlemont Neighborhood Snapshot

BBZ 2013 Objectives

Econ and Early Ch Dev – BBC 3.29.13


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