Posted by: acbuildingblocks | June 24, 2013

[BBC] Summer has arrived!


Let’s get in the groove with ubuntu! At our last BBC meeting Ms. Aeeshah Clottey (Attitudinal Healing Connection) shared that ubuntu means “I am because we are!”  Like ubuntu,  BBC brings together people with the ideas, the connections and the skills we need to create conditions where every child – in every neighborhood – can thrive.

BBC operates in two tiers:  1) capacity building for our members 2) collaborating on our collective impact project, Best Babies Zone-Oakland!

Our Collective Impact Project, Best Babies Zone:

  • Vision: All babies are born healthy, into communities that enable them to thrive and reach their full potential.
  • Best Babies Zone Oakland is an opportunity to show ubuntu in action as the zone will need all of our/your skills to truly succeed!  The Building Blocks Collaborative was selected for a prestigious “Best Babies Zone” grant from the Kellogg Foundation. Working hand in hand with the organizations and residents who live and work in the Castlemont neighborhood of East Oakland, we are piloting new approaches to better health. We are connecting services to policy change and community empowerment.  
  • ·         Best Babies Zone success is contingent upon the expertise and connections of Building Blocks Collaborative members!

Making Room for Deeper Collaboration(s)!:

  • We are moving BBC formal meetings to quarterly to make room for all the synergistic summer events and open the space for concrete, on-going BBZ participation!
  • BBC formal meetings will continue to be a place for dedicated people to network and work together to create healthy conditions for all children. BBC offers space to innovate and room for great ideas to take flight!
  • These meetings will also be a space for opportunities to get involved with BBC’s collective impact project, Best Babies Zone! Best Babies Zone success is contingent upon the expertise and connections of Building Blocks Collaborative members!

Mark your CALENDARS!

What does SUMMER have in store for us?

  • June 13-Institutional Racism Training with Melanie Tervalon, MD, MPH; Excellent turn out with 28 participants from diverse organizations!
  • July 26-Hotter than July will showcase BBZ (and all your organizations), hosted by Youth Uprising
  • August (date TBD)-Preparing for Organizational Change with Liz Callahan, Compasspoint
  • September 20-Next BBC meeting from 9-11:30am (location TBD)

Want to Get Involved?

We welcome your participation! Please contact Bina Shrimali at to talk about ways you can build your organizations capacity and bring your strengths and skills to Best Babies Zone!

Much Love,

Your fearless BBC staff



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