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BBC Community,

Do you work with Oakland youth? Are they interested in art? Support them in getting their art published. Have them enter this coloring book contest. Guidelines below. Applications  are due no later than August 27th at Noon . 

With Love,
The BB4HE Team!

First 5_ Best Babies Zone_ Coloring Book Application 2013

WANT TO INSPIRE YOUR COMMUNITY? Enter the Best Babies Zone Coloring Book Contest!


The vision for the Best Babies Zone is that every baby is born healthy, into communities that enable them to thrive and reach their full potential.

Therefore, First 5 and Best Babies Zone, invite all youth (ages 5-18) in the Oakland community to submit an original drawing that can be used as coloring book page for the Healthy Oakland coloring book! This is an opportunity to share your art with the Oakland community. Stand up and use art, as your voice, to emphasize a sense of pride and ownership in your community. The drawing should demonstrate your own interpretation of either theme:

  • What is the “best Oakland” you can imagine?  Do our neighborhoods need more: stop signs, parks, schools, hospital, libraries, teachers, art, etc? Show us the “best Oakland” you can imagine through your art.
  • What does a healthy community look like to you? Draw it!!
  • What will create “the Best Babies Zone”?   What do babies and small children need in order to live a long and  healthy life, not only as babies, but as they become teenagers and adults?

Your Drawing Should: Use thick lines, submitted in black and white on 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper, be easily reproducible, be your vision for Oakland.  This coloring book will be designed for children 0-8 years old. Please keep it simple enough that young kids can color it in! Feel free to look at the example as a frame of reference. There are no restrictions on style (i.e. graffiti, abstract, cartoon etc).

How  to Submit: Please submit your application, release form,  and drawing through mail, email, or in person by August 27th at 12pm to: Best Babies Zone, Alameda County Public Health Department, 1000 Broadway, Suite 500 Oakland, CA 94607  or via email to  If your drawing is selected for the coloring book, you’ll win a Target gift card!!!!

First 5_ Best Babies Zone_ Coloring Book Application 2013


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